White kitchen for apartment project

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Time: 2021-07-10 09:05:25

This white kitchen project is for a small apartment building in Melbourne. Our client is the architect of this building. The discussion of the details started in May, 2020, and the products are delivery in August, 2020. From draft to assembling, only 4 months.

The layout

There are 3 kitchen types and total 10 sets in this project. 8 of them are same design in a straight line between walls, 1 of them is cabinets in straight line plys a long island, and the last one is a L-shaped kitchen.

white kitchen layoutwhite kitchen layout with islandl-shaped kitchen layout

The design

Like many Australian cases, client prefers glossy white door finish in kitchen. To match with the dark color floor and tiles, he selected the black quartz stone to make the benchtop, as well as the black handles.

Since some of the kitchen are under beveled roof, so we don't add the fillers on top. The designs of these white kitchens are similar: tall units standing on both ends for fridge and pantry cupboards, the base cabinets in the middle is for washing and cooking, the overhead cabinet are for range hood and storage. All kitchens have reserved space for cooktops, integrated microwave and free-standing fridge. Some kitchens are just nearby sitting room, there are even spaces for television.

white kitchen project

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