Modern tall storage kitchen cabinets for container house

Source: Chiffini
Time: 2014-05-20 14:37:14

Australian developer J. consults us about the modern container kitchen design with tall storage cabinets design for his high end container house project in Australia. Though this project is not constructed with the concrete materials, but prefabricated container, he wants the kitchen cabinets has a high quality and modern looking, which make the container house presents a high-end and innovative appearances, as well as a comfortable living space.

As a developer, he wants to attract young buyers to this residence project. And building a container house costs less than building a concrete or wooden house in general. On the other hand, container house may look too simple, so we need to do more on the design and quality, to make these container house unique and innovative.

About this container kitchen design, consider the container house will not have much room for kitchen area, we make the kitchen cabinets occupy a whole wall. Tall storage cabinets and appliances on both ends, and leave space of window in the middle, to ensure the lighting and practicality.

We provide 2 design options of full-drawers & less-drawers, and 3 material combination options for selection. To control the cost by quantity of accessories and different types of materials, but not lower the quality of products is always our policy.

container kitchen design

J is glad with our container kitchen design solutions and he prefers the second options with full-drawers. Though this option will cost a bit more on the additional accessories, but J thinks more drawers make the kitchens more convenient to use.

And about material, he prefers MDF with glossy white paint, as known as 2-pac finish. This color finish is most popular in Australia. The whole quantity of this project is 75 sets, and it's planned to be finished by the end of 2020.

If you are looking for modern cabinets for your developed project, what kind of materials and design you will prefer? Feel free to share with us about your ideas, you will have chance to get discount for your custom furniture.

To get more information about our modern container kitchen design, feel free to contact with our colleague.

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