White kitchen for apartment project

Source: Chiffini
Time: 2021-04-07 16:03:23

This kitchen case is customized for an apartment project in Adelaide, Australia. The whole project contains 30 apartments and we gets the kitchen cabinet contract.

white kitchen - chiffini

This is a typical Australian white kitchen, using glossy white 2-pack finish and finger-pull handles. White kitchen is always in trend in Australia home design. It provides a bright indoor sight and it echoes to the beautiful natural view in this country.

white kitchen cabinet

This white kitchen is also a typical galley. Two groups of cabinets are fixed opposite to each other, remaining a path for walking through. We put the fridge and cooktop on one side, above of them are the storage cabinets. On the other side, there are sink and storage for other ingredients and other stuff.

One of the highlights is that except the sink cabinet, all the floor-standing cabinets are fitted with drawers which are more convenient for putting things in order and daily cooking.

white kitchen for apartment

white kitchen design

Considering the assembling of drawer slider is more difficult for fixing hinges. More drawers mean client will cost more labor cost to assemble them. To meet the client’s request, we have pre-drilled the corresponding screw holes on carcasses and drawer panels, so workers can fix the drawers easily and save the time.

This white kitchen project is manufactured in January 2021 and will be finish in this May. Let’s look forward to its presentation in this apartment project. To view more similar kitchen models, welcome to click Australian white kitchen for more.

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