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Time: 2020-02-25 14:36:00


1. Is Chiffini still working during this period?

Chiffini have decided that, in February & March, ALL staff will not back to workshop or office. Sales team and designer team will start work at home after Chinese Spring Festival (Middle of February). Telework is accessible and recommended.

All staff will be back to workshop and office in April. And all things will come to normal about May.

2. By what methods I can contact you?

You’d better contact us by phone, email, WeChat or WhatsApp.

We don’t suggest you to come in person.

Phone/WeChat/WhatsApp number: +86-134-2069-5038

Email: [email protected]

3. Will my order experience any delays?

For the orders confirmed before Chinese New Year, because of the domestic shutdown policy, it will have a delay of about one month.

For the orders confirmed after re-opening, you should consult with our sale about the lead time.

We believe that lead time will become normal (30-35 days) in June.

4. Can I visit your factory or showroom?

Our showroom is planned to re-open in April.

If you are already in China, and want to visit us, please inform us at least three days in advance.

If you are not in China, we suggest you to concern about the visa and immigration policy.

5. Is there a cost increase or surcharge to my order?

We don’t planned to change our pricing system, so no worry about the product cost increase. But the pandemic does influence the oversea shipping charge. If you need us to arrange the shipment and delivery, we will update the change to you in time.

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