What hinges the frameless cabinet doors use?

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Time: 2016-07-07 15:06:57

1. What is Frameless cabinet door?

Frameless types and framed types are the two main structures of cabinets with doors. Frameless kitchen cabinet is also known as European style cabinet, at the same time the framed cabinet is known as American style cabinet.

If there is a wooden frame attached in between the carcass and doors, it is a framed cabinet door; if there is no frame, then it is a frameless cabinet door. For appearance, there are gaps or trims between framed cabinet doors, which are applicable to vintage or traditional kitchen style. The appearance of frameless cabinet doors it more simple and neat, and it is popular in modern interior design.

framess cabinet door

Due to the different structure, producing processes of frameless and framed cabinets are different, not to speak of the hinges used for them. All of Chiffini's products are frameless type, along with specific hardware for them.

2. What is frameless cabinet door hinges?

In the building material market, there are various of hinges: hinges for room doors, the ones for cabinets, and the one for boxes & cases etc.. For house furnishing, people need to buy cabinet hinges as well as the room door hinges. Though cabinet hinges look totally different from door hinges, don't worry, hinges are usually provided by cabinet suppliers or room door suppliers. In case of assembling or reparing, you should know more about the variety of hinges.

Most of the door hinges have two wings and one center bar. They are fixed on the edges of door panels and door frame. It makes the door easy to swing, but can not make it soft-closing.

Frameless cabinet door hinges look like a weird spoon or tobacco pipe. It is fixed on surface of door panel and side board.

Just because the thickness of the cabinet doors edge are 15-25mm, much smaller than the room doors( about 40mm), only the mini-size room door hinges can fix on it. But it is too small to carry the panel. That's why we use the specif cabinet door hinges, not those for room doors.

Chiffini only order frameless cabinet door hinges from reliable brands, such as Blum, DTC, Salice, etc.. For different cabinet types, there are different kinds of cabinet door hinges. We'd like to quote the details of Blum hinges to make it clear. Below are the common types of cabinet hinges we use regularly.

types of frameless cabinet hinges

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