Custom 2 pack kitchen cabinet with large island in Melbourne

Source: Chiffini
Time: 2017-05-20 14:36:17

Mark is one of our regular clients in Melbourne, Australia. He is a local builder for private house building completed house for his clients: from foundation, structure, to interior furnishing. Cooperation between Mark and Chiffini is started since 6 years ago. Along with Mark, we help each other and improve ourselves.

Our first cooperation is a set of white 2 pack kitchen cabinet with large freestanding kitchen island in a new farmhouse for a family of four.

This kitchen is open to dining room, and it has a big enough space. If only make cabinet towards wall, it may look too simple and empty. According to the discussion with Mark and house owner, our design includes a set of wall cupboards in 2 pack finish, and a large kitchen island, which have a long enough breakfast table.

The main color is glossy white lacquer, which known as 2 pack finish in Australia. All the 2 pack kitchen cabinet doors are using no-handle design, to avoid hits or hurts in daily use.

We also pay attentions to the electric appliances in kitchen. Refrigerator, range hood, dish washer, are all integrated into cabinets and covered by the same materials as the door beside.

To make this 2 pack kitchen cabinet not look too plain, we have stainless steel cover for range hood and mosaic tiles on backsplash as decoration.

How do you like this 2 pack kitchen cabinet with large kitchen island? Chiffini offers more than 50 models of custom 2 pack kitchen. If you are going to build or remodel a kitchen, what design or function you would prefer? Welcome to share your ideas with us!

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