Modern style white cabinet made in China for Bahrain

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Time: 2018-06-24 16:18:59

Mrs G.P. is a senior purchaser from a building company in Bahrain. In November of 2018, she contacted us that in these recent years, china modern kitchen cabinet is popular in furniture market in Bahrain. And she was looking for a reliable supplier in China for kitchen cabinets and room doors for her apartment project.

This apartment project include 12 sets of modern kitchen in 8 different sizes and shapes, and 90 room doors in 9 different sizes. Because of the various sizes, she told us that she would prefer a competitive price as well as considerate designs. About the style and color, her project team is pleased with the design of white china modern kitchen cabinet.

Our team studied her architectural drawing clearly and found that, though the kitchen sizes looks various, we can make it easier by modular cabinets. Then changing some cabinets and fillers into particular sizes, the making processes will be simplified. Based on it, we can provide Mrs. P prices for wholesale, not price for one set.

Mrs. P appreciate our method, and after several days' discussion, just some days before Chinese new year vacation of 2019, we finalize all the drawing details and quotation.

After 35 days' production, we provide the container loading in our factory, and Mrs. P receive the china modern kitchen cabinet products in the early June.

Mrs. P and her company appreciate our effort and we will have more cooperation in the future.

If you want to order china modern kitchen cabinet, Chiffini will be your best choice.

We welcome all orders of any quantity, contact us for more details.

China modern kitchen cabinet

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