Custom cabinet doors for Client in Germany

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Time: 2016-10-10 14:00:38

Mr M.Y. is a furniture retailer in Hamburg, German. We know each other since he ordered some custom cabinet doors from us.

In the early of 2019, he established his own furniture brand which focuses lacquer paint custom cabinet door furniture for mobile home and common household.

He designed a new product for living room. It's a drawer cabinet with black metal frame and glossy white front. He tried to make it fully from metal, but found the finish treatment of front metal sample doesn't meet his requirements, so he want to make it from wooden lacquer paint panels instead.

Mr M.Y. visited our website and know we are specialized in doing furniture customization. He contacted us by email discussing the custom cabinet door later, along with his request of panel dimension and material details.

Mr. M.Y. is a nice and rigorous client that he know what he want, and his requests are very clear. We study and find it's not difficult to do it. We sent some similar cases to him and finalize the shop drawing and material details for his custom cabinet doors together in the next few emails.

Knowing this sample order is for development of new product, to support Mr M.Y. to expend the market, we applied a special 20% discount for sample order from general manager, a nearly bottom price for Mr M.Y., and showed him our support for him. Mr M.Y. replied that he could feel our profession and sincerity. We were glad to know he think we are reliable.

After receiving shop drawing confirmation and the order deposit, the production was completed successfully.

To show the custom cabinet door to Mr M.Y. before packing, we make a careful quality check and sent relevant images to him.

During the waiting for delivery, we heard from Mr M.Y. that his metal structure supplier needed to postpone the delivery schedule, because the qualified rate of metal parts was not stable and need to re-do. We understand the situation and after discussion, we agree to extend the free storage for him.

After the delivery schedule was settle, considering these products would need LCL shipping, we provided extra wooden packing for the products, to avoid damage during transportation.

Soon after the loading, Mr M.Y. received the custom cabinet doors in German and he satisfied with our products and service provide.

If you are planning to do customized furniture like Mr. M.Y., welcome to consult us for advice. You can leave message here or send email to our sale team.

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