innovative new kitchen design for private house in NSW

Source: Chiffini
Time: 2009-05-20 14:38:03

In 2019, Chiffini cooperate with designer W to complete his private house project in a suburb of Sydney, NSW, Australia. This is a single-story house with nice landscape surrounding.

In his plan kitchen cabinet is an important part for living, and also the focus point of interior furnishing, so he wants a new more innovative kitchen design.

Though the theme color of this kitchen is glossy white (2 pac finish), which is widely used in Australian kitchens, designer want to make it different from others. In this new innovative kitchen design, dark and light color of stone are the embellishments to white kitchen. Designer hopes to use this color combination in kitchen to make the house with a sense of rugged, natural rocky style, and matching the landscape around.

In front of the wall-to-wall cabinets, we design a long island cabinet, part of it acts as washing area and one end of it is as a table for breakfast or snacks. We have a fence around the sink made from dark color stone.

There also is a small kitchenette hidden behind the wall. Due to the construction of walls, we have designed a multifunctional cabinet in between the walls, which can be open in both sides of front and back.

How do you think about this innovative kitchen design? You can click here to view more innovative kitchen cabinet models. If you have other innovative ideas about kitchen design? Welcome to share with us!


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