Blue kitchen design

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Time: 2021-07-02 08:52:10

The layout:

This blue kitchen design is customized for house owner living in Sydney, Australia. A big room space is planned for kitchen, laundry and pantry. Each part is independent and adjacent to other parts. Overall space is rectangular, about 1 third of the space is under 2.4-meter-high ceiling, and the other space is under a much higher ceiling and has a better natural lighting condition. In this case, the lower-ceiling part is planned to be laundry, pantry and area for fridge, the higher-ceiling part is for kitchen and island cabinets. The idea of such partition is also fitted for the loft house design.

blue kitchen design plan

blue kitchen design

blue kitchen design laundry

The design:

This blue kitchen design is not same as what we used to produce. According to ownwe's preference, its appearance is a conbination of grey-blue shaker doors and natural white oak open shelves. In the laundry and pantry, there are mainly open shelves, just a few doors to cover basin and cleaning tools. The open shelves are good for putting things in order and taking things from there. In kitchen and island, most of the cabinets are covered by blue doors with golden handles. There are even faucets with polish brass finish, to add an interspersed golden color in this blue kitchen design.

blue kitchen design cabinet

white oak cabinets

brass faucet

The color:

The owner pays attention to the blue color for shaker doors. He picks his most favorite blue from 6 different shades of blue and prefers white oak rather than red oak.

blue kitchen design shaker

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