Case study: How to make a pantry under stairs?

Source: Chiffini
Time: 2021-04-20 15:33:44

Do you have some empty space under stairs? How will you use it? If your stairs are next to the kitchen, how about doing a pantry under stairs like this case?

In this case study, we will introduce how we make such a pantry for our Belgian client Mathieu.

Mathieu comes to us for custom kitchen cabinets and the island table. Next to the kitchen, tere is a separated room planned as pantry. And this room is right under the stairs, so there is a triangular space for pantry cupboards. Mathieu hopes we can also customize the cupboards to fit this space.

On the schedule, there should be cupboards for integrated fridge, integrated freezer, and a sink in this pantry under stairs. Other space can be common cabinets with shelves.

Different from the common space under stairs, there are two layers in this trangular wall, which makes the wall structure more complicated. Considering the 2D line drawings cannot describe the cabinet size well, we use SketchUp (a 3D design software) to mock-up the wall structure of Mathieu's whole kitchen according to the measured dimensions. Then we arrange the cabinets order and check if the design appropriate or not. 3D modeling can also provide a better visualization for client to understand the product design, which help us a lot during the discussion of this pantry under stairs.

pantry under stairs

Though the 3D visulization does help a lot, it's a supplementary to confirm the design of this pantry under stairs, and it can't be the final production frawings for manufacturing. For better understanding, we add isometric view drawings for some specific cabinets to show their structure more clearly.

pantry under stair

pantry understairs

To plan the pantry under stairs, or other cupboards fitted to irregular room, the most important is to draft the rough room structure from several views of this room and measure all the dimenstions. For some customers who don't have a good spatial imagination, they may feel difficult to start the planing, If you are also facing such problem, welcome to contact us for help. Chiffini has been providing customization service and cupboard manufacturing for years. If you need halp about custom cabinet, don't hesitate to contact us!


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