Case study: American style white shaker kitchen

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Time: 2021-02-24 09:27:29

Shaker style is a key in American style home design. It is named after a group of people, “shakers” who are ascetic advocating simple life. As a reflection, their furniture design throw away the complicated carving and painting, and make the outline of furniture as simple as possible. Even now, shaker style still an important part of American furniture design.


Natural wood color is common for shaker furniture, while white color is also frequently used. Especially the white shaker kitchens are widely welcomed as it can also be well matched with other styles of furniture.

white shaker kitchen


The white shaker kitchen in this case is a long and big kitchen. Cabinets go around the walls and an island standing in the center. The overall color pure white matching with black granite.


Most of the cabinets are over 900mm (3 feet) wide, which ensure the enough storage space and make the appearance elegant at the same time.


The transparent overhead glass doors are surely a significant feature in this white shaker kitchen that they enlarge the view of kitchen. Wine glass, tins, bottles, jars and cook books put in order are always pleasant to look at.

white shaker kitchen

The utilization of integrated kitchen appliances, such as oven and refrigerator makes this kitchen look more united.


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