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Time: 2020-06-12 17:42:32

The Commonwealth of Australia abbreviated to "Australia", is located between the South Pacific Ocean and the Indian Ocean, surrounded by the sea on all sides. Maybe this is an important reason of why Australians like white color furniture, white door plate, white carcase and white benchtop. The white cabinet matches with the blue sea and sky, giving people a fresh and natural feelings. Australian like 2 pack kitchen cabinet most. What's 2 pack? It's a kind of painting finish of door panels. It's also known as lacquer paint in other countries. And glossy white is the most popular color.

So what components make a set of Australian 2 pack kitchen cabinets?

Australian 2 pack kitchen cabinet

 1)The carcase of Australian 2 pack kitchen cabinet 

The carcase of 2 pack kitchen cabinet is generally made from white board, also known as MFC (MFC = Melamine Faced Chipboard), or HMR (High Moisture Resistant)

- Australian standard kitchen cabinet adopts "screwing" structure, different from the European standard cabinet which is mini-fix structure. Long screws are used for connecting each carcase panel. Chiffini will pre-drill the holes for screws.

- It also adopts solid back construction, different from the European style cabinet which is 5mm back board.

- The traditional Australian kitchen cabinet only do edge banding for front edges, the other edges are not sealed-off. Maybe it was because, at the beginning, carpenters buy panels from building materials supermarket and make the cabinets in site. When the rustic cabinet done, carpenters only seal the edges which are exposed. When the mechanical processing become widely used, and eachpanels are cut by machine in factories, many cabinets now have full sides edge banding, which is more moisture-proof and beautiful.

Australian 2 pack kitchen cabinet carcase

2) Door panel

In Australia, 85% of the kitchen cabinet doors are white, and most of them are glossy white. It's usually called 2 pack or 2 PAC.  And many of these 2 pack kitchen cabinets are open to living room.

-In terms of cost, the average Australian family is willing to spend 1/3 of the full house interior decoration budget for kitchen cabinet, which shows how important the kitchen is. The quality details of materials and hardware are concerned most. There are hardware from different brands for various functions in the market. If the budget is enough, the hardware of Blum from Austria can set off your high-end taste.

-Regarding the surface treatment of door panel, the glossy white 2 pack finish gives a very clean feeling. And it’s the best choice for smaller apartments, since it made the room looks more spacious and bright.

2 pac kitchen

3) The benchtop

While Europeans prefer laminate benchtop, Americans prefer granite benchtop, Australians are more avant-garde and open, they prefer quartz or sintered stone benchtop.  Especially the back splash in Calacatta, the texture can be naturally and stereoscopically displaying on the top which is very nice & popular.

If you are not only looking for kitchen cabinet, but also pantry, laundry, robes, WIR, storage cabinet, BBQ cabinet etc. Communication, confirmation, rational design, transportation and installation are important when you order the custom furniture.  Make everything easy to choose a supplier who can provide one-stop solution like Chiffini, we know the standard of 2 pack custom furniture very well, and we will help you to save a lot of costs & time.

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