Why appliances matter for modern kitchen design?

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Time: 2009-10-08 15:30:07

For many clients, buying kitchen appliances may be their last step of kitchen assembly. But aiming to design your own kitchen, you should know the details of appliances in advance, such as varieties, models, dimensions & specific requests. This will help a lot when planning the kitchen.

In recent years, more and more integrated appliance are launched and become popular trends. In many modern kitchen design, these integrated appliances often appear.

Integrated appliances are fixed in cabinets, or even with the same door material as other cabinets. Thus the cabinets in which appliances fixed, should be designed at the beginning.

On the other hand, sink and some kitchen appliances such as gas stove or induction cook-top are fixed in counter top. And they may occur space of the cabinets underneath. To make sure these cabinets are big enough for those built-in-counter accessories, we should have an idea about their sizes.

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Please be patient when designer ask you what kinds of kitchen appliances will be in your kitchen, and consider what appliances are suitable for you.

Now most of the appliances companies will upload the installation guidance or brochure of their integrated products on their own websites. Large on-line appliance shop will also put assembling details on description. You can collect these information when selecting models.

If you don’t have an idea or collect all the details in a short time, designer will help you to reserve enough space for these appliance according to regular size. Then you can select those appliances in the designing stage. But all model or dimensions of appliances should be offered before cabinet production start.

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Below are some regular appliances details that you might have interests.

1. Washing

1.1 Sink

Double sink: cabinet width >750mm

Single sink: cabinet width >500mm

1.2 Dishwasher

Free-standing type, regular = 600mm, no need door cover

Integrated type, regular = 600mm, need full door cover

Half integrate type, regular = 600mm, need partly door cover

2. Cooking

2.1 Gas stove

Regular: cabinet width >600mm

Small: cabinet width >400mm

Cylinder: cabinet width >400mm

2.2 Induction Cook-top

Regular: cabinet width >600mm

Small: cabinet width >400mm

2.3 Range hood

Wall mounted/Island type: no need cabinet

Built-in type: cabinet width 600/900mm

2.4 Oven

Regular cabinet width 600mm

2.5 Microwave

Free-standing: no need cabinet

Built-in: cabinet width 600mm

3. Cooling

3.1 Fridge

Free-standing type: about 600-700mm width

Free-standing type (french door or side-by-side): about 750-900mm

Built-in type: cabinet size = 600mm

3.2 Wine cooler

Regular: about 600mm width

4. Laundry 

4.1 Washing machine

Regular: about 600mm width

4.2 Dryer

Regular: about 600mm width

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