What are the types of sliding doors for wardrobe?

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Time: 2020-07-22 08:56:41

More and more apartment buildings raise in the city, usually, the bedrooms in apartments are not very big, not to speak of the walk-in closet. In many cases, after putting the beds and nightstands in bedrooms, there is not much space left for wardrobe. In this case, different types of sliding door wardrobe become good options. People no need to reserve the space for the swing doors, and they can put the sliding wardrobe next to their beds, to make the rest space larger.

Though all types of sliding door wardrobe look very similar, they can be classify according to the sliding mechanism.

1.Standard type of sliding doors wardrobe

This is the basic sliding door type for wardrobe. All these sliding doors are built in the wardrobe. And there are bottom rail on the floor and the top rail fixed right under the top panel of the wardrobe. These rails are visible. Besides, there should be panels on both sides of the wardrobe to stop the sliding. For each wardrobe, there are at least 2 doors, but not more than 4 doors. And each piece of door should be wider than 600mm (2 feet), but not wider than 910mm (3 feet), which means for each wardrobe with the standard type of sliding doors, the overall length should be between 1200-3600mm theoretically. And practically, the appropriate length for standard sliding door wardrobe is 1500-3200mm.

On the other hand, the height standard is different based on the door material. Usually, height should be lower than 2400mm.

Standard sliding doors can also be made for wall-to-wall wardrobe or floor-to-ceiling wardrobe, which means it is suitable for the built-in wardrobes.

The disadvantage of standard sliding doors is that it’s not easy to clean the rails, especially in the bottom rails, there are two slim grooves for wheels running, and the dust can go inside easily. For functioning well, you should clean the rail regularly or the wheels will not run smoothly.

types of sliding door - Standard sliding type closet

2.Hanging type of sliding door wardrobe

If you are worried about the cleaning of standard type, hanging sliding door type will solve your problem. Though there are also bottom & top rails in each set. It’s bottom rail is fixed under the bottom panel, which means no dust will come inside.

Moreover, hanging sliding door is somehow outside of the wardrobe, not built in it. So all the wardrobe carcass and sliding mechanism are well hidden behind the closed doors.

It also has disadvantages that, it is not suitable for floor-to-ceiling wardrobe, because the mechanism requires void space above. And the size limit is smaller than the standard sliding doors.

For each wardrobe, there should not be more than 3 doors, and each door should not higher than 2400mm.

types of sliding door - Hanging sliding type closet


3.Barn door type of sliding of door

Barn door becomes more popular in interior furnishing. The type of sliding door is hung only by the top rail, and no bottom rail, so no need to worried cleaning anymore. The barn door is suitable for built-in wardrobe and walk-in closet. It functions as a room door, and it can slide to one side.

On the other hand, because the top rail carries the whole doors, and it requires the wall which is fixed to, should be strong enough. If your wall is made from plasterboard, you can not use it, or the door will fall. Besides, the total length of the wall should be double or more times of the door length to ensure the barn door have enough space to slide.

types of sliding door - Barn door type closet


What is your dream wardrobe look like? If it is a wardrobe with sliding doors, which type of sliding door you would prefer? We are looking forward to your message.

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