How to use the wood grain into modern kitchen cabient design?

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Time: 2020-07-17 08:50:27

Wood grain modern kitchen cabinet is never faded.

Wood material has been used for furniture for long period, from ancient time to modern society. It provides people who live around these furniture a sense of nature and peace.

In nowadays, though there are many new materials, and new concepts coming out, the elements of wood is not the one and only. In modern kitchen design, sometimes, wood grain may not take the first place, but it is still widely used. In this article, we will share some wood grain modern kitchen cabinet ideas to see how to use the wood elements to make kitchens more lively, and more close to nature.

1. Back ground or wall decoration

modern interior design

One of the main feature of modern interior design is the using of bright colors, and glossy white color is the most popular one. But if we only use white color for interior, the space will look bored and pale. In this case, to fill more color into the space, we can add furniture (such as sofa, carpet, table & chairs) in other colors or elements. In the case above, designer uses wood grain for the background of kitchen. The natural wood grain and the warming lighting make this kitchen more lively.

2. Wood grain modern kitchen cabinet Counter top / worktop

wood grain modern kitchen cabient worktop

If you don’t want to use wood just for background, and want wood material to take a main role, a wood grain work top is a good idea for modern kitchens. The combination of white color kitchen cabinet and wood grain is never tired of seeing. Before purchasing the wood grain counter top for your kitchen, you should know that: solid wood is better than artificial wood panel; hard wood is better than soft wood; some artificial composite material have better water-proof performance than real wood.

3. Dining table & chair sets / Flooring

kitchen cabinet design

In some other kitchen design, wood grain will not used directly in kitchen cabinet, but the surrounding. Is the color combination of white, grey & dark too cold? Pale yellow wood floorings offer a warm fundame mood. A set of dining table & chair which have strong and unique wood pattern will be a punchline of interior style, and the warm color will brighten the space.

4. Shelves

wood grain modern kitchen

Even for a small modern kitchen cabient design, the element of wood will enhance the appearance of kitchen. For kitchen which doesn’t have much space, additional wood shelf will provide more storage space, and things on shelf are easy to get.

5. wood grain modern kitchen cabinet design

wood grain modern kitchen design

Of course we cannot miss the fully wood grain modern kitchen cabinets which all the doors and apearances are made from wood materials. There is no conflicts between wood grain and modern style. Whatever to make the whole kitchen in wooden color or to combine it with other color, you can find the most suitable wood grain to match with your interior design style. Hope you will have interests in them..

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